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PLEASE respect if rescourses is not intended for public use. Make sure you are allowed to use something before you use it.


-A nice page where you can find everything from instrument sounds on loop to animal sounds.

Royalty Free.

-May turn out usefull. Has everythng from humor songs to sound effeckts.


Simply the best - sounds

-from the site:

SimplytheBest Sounds

You can either browse through the sound categories or search for a sound to view available sounds that match your search criteria. The sound files featured in SimplytheBest Sounds were gathered from various collections on the Internet, were created by our editors or submitted by our visitors. The sound files on this web site are not intended for public use (whether for profit or not) unless so stated, and are provided here as-is for private entertainment purposes only. All sound files retain the original copyright from their respective owners (where applicable). If you feel we have a sound file listed erroneously, please send us a removal & modification request.

-This site has alot of good stuff.

EPSON | Presenters Online

-not to many sounds, but some of them might turn out usefull.

seems free.

Free music downloads -

Music downloads of all genres.

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