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Armour/weapons inspiration

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Knights Edge

From the page:

The Knights Edge catalog contains some of the highest quality replicas of medieval weapons, swords, armor and accessories that have ever been made. Medieval weaponry, medieval swords, fantasy & barbarian swords, full suits of armor, samurai swords, ninja swords, katanas, civil war swords, daggers and more. All of these items are available from Knights Edge, designers of medieval weapons. Modern knights count on Knights Edge for the very best in both medieval armor and swords. All of the items listed in our catalog are of exceptional quality and satisfaction is guaranteed, if you are not satisfied return any item within 30 days for a full refund less shipping charges. Refer to our catalog filled with swords, armor for complete details

-There are a lot of pics there, wich is excellent for inspiration for modeling/concept arts drawing.

Amethyst's Closet

from the page:

Welcome to Amethyst's Closet, where you'll find my ever-growing prop and armor portfolio, along with articles and tutorials on how to make your own props and costumes.

-The page has a lot of pics of armors/weapons/costumes/ect wich can be used for moddeling/concept drawing and even maybe texturing.


From the page:

Everybody's got to have a hobby other than seeking information-overload via the internet. Well, I've found a way to incorporate both my net addiction and my fascination with armor and weapons. This web page is a start - it's based on a random collection of arms and armor photos from George Cameron Stone's "A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and In All Times" that I found deep in a K-12 gopher. I did the descriptions out of memory, so if you notice any errors in nomenclature, drop me a letter and I'll fix it.

These pics can deffently give some inspiration.

Rental Department - Global effects


-Alot of good pics which is excellent for making models of, and matbe even textures of.

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