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PLEASE respect if rescourses is not intended for public use. Make sure you are allowed to use something before you use it.

Free Foto

this site has over 300 textures. I'm not quite sure, but they seems to be free.

Mayang Free Textures

A very good texture site in my opinion. Over 1700 free textures. But unfortainly, you can just download 30 textures each day. But who needs more than 30 textures in one day?

texture forrest

873 textures when I wrote this. It seems like not all is free. The site has got warnings from other pages about copyright of the textures. Be sure it is free before using any of theese.

Lemog Club

A big amount of all free textures. Theese textures is a little hard to use for people with small texture experience, so if you look for some textures easy to work with, I suggest you try an other site.

Clearing Point

not the bigest amount of textures, but some few wich might be usefull. They seem to be free, since there are nothing anywere saying that they not are. (don't mind the error message...just click the kind of texture you need(fantasy, Artifical, nature, ect...))


A very good good site, with over 1000 free textures. This is one of the best sites I have posted here. Requires Java.

Pixel poke

this site seems mostly free. A very good site if you gonna add details to your texture, like decoration and such, this is the site for you.

Image after

Big amount of textures, and they are all free. The size of the textures range from 1600x1200 to 2560x1920. A very good site in my opinion, with a lot of usefull textures.

Auto fx

over 3000 Royalty Free textures. Good site, a lot of stuff that can turn out usefull.


theese texstures might not be very usefull for the kind of work wee are doing, but you might find a texture you need here... free? I'm not sure. Nothing says their value or if they are free.


a lot of quite good textures. All textures, materials and 3D objects in the download area can be used without any restrictions in your own private and commercial projects.
You are not allowed to spread them without giving the creators name, to include them in texture collections without a written permission and you strictly may not offer them as textures for sale in any way.


Not the best textures, but some quite usefull...
These textures may be freely used as backgrounds, textures in 3D scenes, parts of images, etc but they may not be redistributed as (or part of) a texture collection. The textures are divided into the following categories and an attempt has been made not to burden any single page with too many images. Be aware that some textures can be interpreted in a number of ways.


all free. Some of the textures is might hard to use... Most of them is textures from modern objects. Grass, wood and natural stuff might be used though...


This site contains 202 textures ... all free. Many of them can turn out quite usefull.

Renfield Imaging

from the page: "On this site, you will find hundreds of textures designed to delight the eye and fire the imagination. Best of all, these images are free for your usage. The only request we make is that our images not be included in any other texture or webart collection without our consent. Also, if you have a commercial project in which our textures are used, we'd like you to let us know (if for no other reason so that we can call our Moms and brag about it!)."

Java povered


Very few textures wich might fit best to decoration. At least they are free


This is a danish site. Not bad textures, but you have to join to use them... Free? not sure. Joining is for free at least.


quite good textures. Unfortainly is the textures copyrighted to the site...


a 100% free copyrighted site. The textures seems quite good, though a lot of them is based on modern objects.


over 500 textures that seems to be free. a lot of them can defently be used


Renderosity is an art comunety with a lot of diffrent stuff(You need to join to use it... its free) There is not very mush here wich can be considered as " rextures" but there is a lot of images that experienced textures could work their textures from.


Pretty much backround textures... free.

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