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Profesjonal Texture Programs (unfree)

The professional standard in desktop digital imaging

Adobe Photoshop

Product overview

Adobe® Photoshop® CS2 software, the professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, delivers groundbreaking creative tools; unprecedented adaptability; and more efficient editing, processing, and file handling.

Printable overview   (PDF: 110k)

Create with unmatched power

Timesaving file handling with Adobe Bridge

Simplify file handling with Adobe Bridge, the next-generation File Browser, where you can process multiple camera raw images at once; resize, rate, and label thumbnails; quickly review images in Slideshow mode; search metadata; and more. 
Learn more. | See it in action (QuickTime: 2.9MB).

Timesaving file handling with Adobe Bridge

Revolutionary Vanishing Point

Achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time with the groundbreaking Vanishing Point, which lets you clone, paint, and paste elements that automatically match the perspective of the surrounding image area.
See it in action (QuickTime: 12.7MB).

Revolutionary Vanishing Point

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Image Warp

Easily create packaging mock-ups or other dimensional effects by wrapping an image around any shape or stretching, curling, and bending an image using Image Warp.
See it in action (QuickTime: 8.2MB).

Image Warp

Advanced noise reduction

Polish digital photos with advanced noise correction in high-ISO shooting plus JPEG artifact reduction.

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32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) support

Create and edit 32-bit images, and combine multiple exposures into a single, 32-bit image with expanded range — from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights.

32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) support

more features

Customize with unprecedented adaptability

Customizable workspaces and menus

Get easier access to the tools you need with task-based presets, highlight new or commonly used menu items, and set up and save custom menus and workspaces.

Customizable workspaces and menus

Enhanced automation

Use the new Image Processor command to process camera raw images, and use new built-in Actions to prepare images for film and video.

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Instantly produce repetitive graphics with Variables, which automatically populate your design with data from spreadsheets or databases.

Event-based scripts

Accomplish more in fewer steps with event-based scripts that automatically activate at specified points in your workflow.

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Adobe Help Center

Quickly get answers from the new, floating Adobe Help Center window with improved search features and convenient, task-based topics.

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Work with unparalleled efficiency

Smart Objects

Perform nondestructive scaling, rotating, and warping of raster and vector graphics with Smart Objects. Even preserve the editability of high-resolution vector data from Adobe Illustrator® software.
See it in action (QuickTime: 5.9MB).

Smart Objects

Multiple layer control

Select and move, group, transform, and warp objects more intuitively by clicking and dragging directly on the canvas. Easily align objects with Smart Guides.

Multiple layer control

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Multi-image digital camera raw file processing

Accelerate your raw file workflow with simultaneous processing of multiple images while you continue working. Import images into your choice of formats, including Digital Negative (DNG); enjoy automatic adjustments to exposure, shadows, and brightness and contrast; and much more.
Learn more. | See it in action (QuickTime: 5.5MB).

Multi-image digital camera raw file processing

Instant video preview

See your broadcast graphics as they'll appear to the audience, while you're still building them. With one click, you can preview your Photoshop CS2 images on a television monitor connected to your computer by IEEE 1394/FireWire/i.LINK.

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WYSIWYG font menu

Quickly select typefaces from the font menu, which now displays a sample of each font.

more features

Paint Shop Pro 9
You know what you want — something that's going to let you create the image you have in mind. Whether it's a photo, graphic, or digital art, Paint Shop Pro 9 is going to help you get that vision out of your head and onto the screen.

129 USD
$59 USD

Your pocketbook doesn't have to suffer for your art and you don't have to settle on the pricey standard for quality. What you need is right here.

Key Features

If you want the best looking photos possible, you need these intelligent, innovative tools to help you get the results you're after:
  • Get rid of those grainy specks that might mar your otherwise perfect photos. With the Digital Camera Noise Removal, you can smooth your photos while maintaining the photo's texture.

  • When you're in a hurry, you can use Automatic Photo Fixes to quickly sharpen, brighten, and enhance your photos.

  • Since shooting in optimal lighting conditions doesn't always happen, you can use Fill Flash/Backlighting Filters to bring out the details in your photos.

  • Fix old, damaged photos with the Scratch Remover.

  • For a subtle finishing touch, add a Border to your photo. You can choose the size and color.
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Free Texture Programs
What is IrfanView?

IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.

It is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.

IrfanView was the first Windows graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support.
One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIF support.
The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support.

Some IrfanView features:
  • Many supported file formats (click here the list of formats)
  • Multi language support
  • Thumbnail/preview option
  • Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD)
  • Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc.
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters
  • Drag & drop support
  • Fast directory view (moving through directory)
  • Batch conversion (with image processing)
  • Multipage TIF editing
  • Email option
  • Multimedia player
  • Print option
  • Change color depth
  • Scan (batch scan) support
  • Cut/crop
  • IPTC editing
  • Effects (Sharpen, Blur, Adobe 8BF, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, etc.)
  • Capturing
  • Extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs
  • Lossless JPG rotation
  • Many hotkeys
  • Many command line options
  • Many PlugIns
  • Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware messages like "I Agree" or "Evaluation expired"
  • No registry changes without user action/permission!
  • and many more

Click here to see a screenshot of IrfanView.


Standard Freeware Edition

ImageForge provides you with a set of powerful tools for painting and editing images, photos or other graphics.

Create and edit images, acquire pictures from your scanner, digital camera or other Twain-compliant device, apply special effect filters, produce your own photo albums and simple slide shows, and much more.

Upgrade your ability to edit images with this free paint program

Partial Listing/Comparison of Features
ImageForge PRO
Zoom Levels 5 (1x-8x) -9x - 20x -9x - 20x
Soft Brushes NO YES (3) YES (custom)
Image Libraries NO YES YES
Scanner Support NO YES YES
Crop to Selection NO YES YES
Enlarge Canvas NO YES YES
Resample NO YES YES
Rotate by Degree 90° only 1° increments YES
Effects Filters NO YES (limited) YES
Palette Optimize NO Automatic Automatic
Global Color Replace NO (Yes for XP version) YES YES
Scatter NO YES YES
Merge Images NO NO YES
Greyscale Masking NO NO YES
Custom Pen Tips NO NO YES
Natural Tools NO YES (limited) YES
Bump Mapping NO NO YES
Gradients NO YES YES
Patterns NO YES YES
Paint with Clipart NO YES YES
Vector Objects NO NO YES
3D Text Titles NO NO YES
Light-sourced 3D Objects NO NO YES
Fill with Image NO NO YES
Paint with Image NO NO YES
Effects Brushes NO NO YES
Clickable Image Map NO NO YES
Split Web Image NO NO YES
Reshape Text Objects NO NO YES
Save as Icon (32x32) NO YES YES
Object Transparency NO NO YES
Create GIF Animations NO YES YES
Create AVI Animations NO YES YES
Save As BMP Film Strip NO YES YES

NOTE: Image pro is not free, but not very expensive either. It supports Photoshop files.
Project Dogwaffle 1.2 - by Dan Ritchie
Free Paint and Animation Software for PC
...for people who love to Draw, Sketch, Animate and paint,
but without the costly mess, the nausiating fumes or occasional spills!


This is a freeware program developed by Daniel Ritchie of Santa Clarita, California and made available for free downloading and use - please let us know us if you wish to include a copy of this free version with your own  commercial product, software or hardware, such as tablets, digital cameras, game level editors, scanners, printers,... interested in reselling the full commercial version?

Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint on your PC ... without the mess, the fumes and the occasional spills!

animation by Dalemation

Dogwaffl..?! What ...?
What is it?

Project Dogwaffle version 1.2 is a new product based on the powerful achitecture of  Dogwaffle 2.0.  We've created a light, yet powerful tool for artistic expression.  We felt that the aging free version (1.11b) was in need of an update, since it was written for earlier operating systems and we wanted our new users to have the speed and power of our newer software architecture.

Dogwaffle 1.2 is not just a stripped-down demo of our software - it's a fully
functional version with some new features too. It is not save-disabled, there's no time-limit, no registration needed.

For users who want to get the full power of Project Dogwaffe, we offer the commercial version at a low price.  In it, you will get even more  power with advanced features, more filters, more special FX and more animation support.

We feel that version 1.2 is a great free tool for artists who are just getting started, and for seasoned professionals alike.

Programmers will find that our pluggin interface supports all but one plugin command, so they can develop applications that work with either the full version or this new free version.

We have eliminated some of the fat from the program, to keep things lite, so things like bulky help files have been excluded, however help and tutorials are available online.  For graphics support, we have included internal support for BMP files, as well as the native Targa format.  Single images as well as brushes and frame sequences can be loaded in these formats.

Also, keep in mind that v2.0 came out in January 2004, while v1.2 was built a month later. Since then, several patches and free updates for v2.0 were released. This has added many more plugins, filters and features for the commercial version 2 which is at release 2.1b as of  August 2004. For a list of what's new, click here.

deep sea creature by nBT

Differences Between
the Free v1.2 and
the Full Commercial versions ?

In a Word:   lots!

Below, you will find a list of just a few of the differences between version 1.2 and the full, commercial version 2. Since then, version 3.0 (PD Pro) and 3.1 have emerged with even more new features, and more are coming):
  • open/save only to BMP (.bmp) and TARGA (.tga) file formats.  The full version supports 60+ formats and AVI format (for animations)
  • The internal (simple) lens flare engine has been removed from the free version. The full version includes the simple lens flare engine as well as  the more advanced  Radiant lens flare engine.
  • The "Make seamless brush" filter has been removed from the free version. There have been further improvements on this tool in a recent patch 2.1b patch (see: Seamless-Plus) for the full version, and even more so in version 3.
  • The brush Post FX tab found in Brush settings of the full version has been removed from the free version. This Post FX tool allows for various special effects coming directly from the brush, such as embossing, shadow casting and more.
  • The full version includes additional natural media settings as well a media
    manager (media media) and animated brushes.
  • The free version has a simplified text tool. The Text tool in the full version is more powerful and feature-rich
  • Twain is an included menu item  in the File... menu of the full version. (support for scanners and digital cameras with Twain interface). It is not included in the free 1.2 version.
  • The free version features some  animation capabilities including loading and saving frame sequences, however the full version is much more robust with features like the Timeline editor, exposure sheet, onion skin, Animated Brushes, Brush manager (menu: Brush->Store), new tools for modifying animated brushes with the Brush-timeline (a timeline editor for animated brushes), a Brush Keyframer (to apply and interpolate animated brushes against a backdrop animation) and much more. You can even apply animated filters on animated brushes!
  • The free version supports a simplified layers panel, with only 2 layers (aka Main buffer / Swap buffer).  Unlimited layers are supported in the full version, including a native layered file format (*.lay files).
  • The free version is fast and light, at just over 4 megs, and it's free, no
    strings attached. No spyware, no registration needed, no time-expiration, not save-disabled. Simply enjoy freedom of artistic expression!
  • There is a very handy, customizable color Mixer (like a painter's palette) in the bottom-left on the Tools panel of the full version. No such tool in v1.2.
  • There is also a new type of color mixer in the full version 2, the Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB) color mixer  instead of RGB.
  • There is a 'Shading' checkbox on the Optipustics panel (fractal particle brushes) of  the full version, to mimic sky lighting from above when generating foliage, grass, trees, etc. No such option in v1.2.
  • This is not a complete list. There are other things, some of which were added over time in several subsequent patches and updates for v2.0 such as v2.0b, v2.0c v2.0d, v2.1, v2.1a, v2.1b... 3.0, 3.1, 3.1a
From the site:
PhotoPlus 6 - Image and Photo Editing Software
Why Use PhotoPlus? spaccer

We all have the odd flaw somewhere in our photographic collection, but help is at hand. With PhotoPlus 6 you can enhance your photos for the best possible results, adjust brightness and color and even remove red-eye - and all for free!. Put your creative abilities on display for all to see and impress your family and friends! Packed full of fantastic features normally reserved for high-end, high-priced applications, PhotoPlus 6 is ideal for complete beginners and professionals alike.

Powerful photo editing features aside, PhotoPlus 6 is incredibly easy to use. All the tools you need are laid out in a convenient toolbar and handy tips appear on screen while you work. Effects and filters are accessed with user-friendly drop-down menus.

PhotoPlus 6 is incredible image editing software that enables you to create, manipulate and enhance photographs, bitmap graphics and web animations. From special effects to smart tools, you'll find all you need to produce professional looking images for print, multimedia, and the web.


So what can it do for me?

Creative Tools
Paintbrush, airbrush, clone, smudge and erase tools with adjustable brush settings including size, shape, softness and fade are all at your fingertips.

Digital Darkroom
Enhance, repair and tweak your photos for the best results possible. Adjust brightness, color hue and saturation, contrast, sharpness and more. Even remove red-eye!

Layer Effects
Add Bevel or Drop Shadow layer effects for a sophisticated 3D look on text or other image elements. The layer manager lets you alter and preview specific image layers. This is how the professionals do it.

Versatile Deform Tool
This “Swiss Army Knife” of image tools lets you rotate, resize, skew, reshape, or add perspective to any selection or layer. Easy to master, yet incredibly powerful.

Allows you to easily edit or create animated GIFs for use on the Internet or in presentations. With a few simple clicks, an entire animation can be created for you.


Powerful Text
Enhance your images with editable, deformable text and compliment them further with the stunning Drop Shadow and Bevel Effects.

Web Images
Divide an image into sections adding hyperlinks and text pop-ups to each segment. Let PhotoPlus create the HTML code that recombines the segments in your Web page. It couldn't be easier.

Export Optimizer
See how your image will look and how much space it will take up before you save and export it. Simultaneously view up to 4 previews that display the relationship between file size and quality.

Supports Image Effects & Plugins
Special effects such as edges, twirls, lens, mosaic, solarize, posterize, emboss, ripple, blur and more can be added to part or whole images.

Add ready-made, customizable QuickShapes to your images, choosing from a range including speech bubbles, starbursts and spirals. A real time-saver!

Create Great Personalized Gifts
It's so simple to get your designs and photos printed onto coffee mugs, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, T-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags. It's an ideal way to come up with a gift they'll love for that hard-to-buy-for person. For more details read about Cool Things To Do With PhotoPlus.

Software Publisher's Description
Deep Paint offers a realistic painting experience for digital artists and graphics professionals. Deep Paint intergrates stroke-by-stroke artistic photo-cloning, fully editable brush and canvas settings, and paint functionality for realistic and stunning paint effects. Experience thickly textured oils, bold acrylics, and dramatic watercolors. Deep paint simplifies your artistic workflow as a Photoshop plug-in or standalone application, with special support for the Wacom Intuos or compatible pressure sensitive pad. Review of Deep Paint

This program proves you don't need to spend any cash to get a functional, feature-rich illustration application. Deep Paint comes packed in a large 58MB file, so it takes a bit of time to download and install. Although the program's interface is far less cluttered than many such apps we've seen, inexperienced users still will probably need to spend some time getting acquainted with the large number of drawing implements, including pens, brushes, and droppers. Deep Paint comes with a decent-sized amount of preset brushes, but you can tweak them or even make your own custom drawing tools. The app offers a few basic filters such as blur, brightness, and saturation, and we're also glad to say it supports layers. Professionally minded folks will appreciate the fact this program can plug directly into Photoshop. While Deep Paint may be too overwhelming for casual artists and newbies, more seasoned designers will love it, especially considering the price.


The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

This is the official web site of the GIMP, and contains information about downloading, installing, using, and enhancing it. This site also serves as a distribution point for the latest releases. We try to provide as much information about the GIMP community and related projects as possible. Hopefully you will find what you need here. Grab a properly chilled beverage and enjoy.

Features and Capabilities

This is only a very quickly thrown together list of GIMP features.

  • Painting
    • Full suite of painting tools including Brush, Pencil, Airbrush, Clone, etc.
    • Sub-pixel sampling for all paint tools for high quality anti-aliasing
    • Extremely powerful gradient editor and blend tool
    • Supports custom brushes and patterns
  • System
    • Tile based memory management so image size is limited only by available disk space
    • Virtually unlimited number of images open at one time
  • Advanced Manipulation
    • Full alpha channel support
    • Layers and channels
    • Multiple Undo/Redo (limited only by diskspace)
    • Editable text layers
    • Transformation tools including rotate, scale, shear and flip
    • Selection tools including rectangle, ellipse, free, fuzzy and intelligent
    • Advanced path tool doing bezier and polygonal selections.
    • Transformable paths, transformable selections.
    • Quickmask to paint a selection.
  • Extensible
    • A Procedural Database for calling internal GIMP functions from external programs as in Script-fu
    • Advanced scripting capabilities (Scheme, Python, Perl)
    • Plug-ins which allow for the easy addition of new file formats and new effect filters
    • Over 100 plug-ins already available
  • Animation
    • Load and save animations in a convenient frame-as-layer format
    • MNG support
    • Frame Navigator (in GAP, the GIMP Animation Package)
    • Onion Skin (in GAP, the GIMP Animation Package)
    • Bluebox (in GAP, the GIMP Animation Package)
  • File Handling
    • File formats supported include bmp, gif, jpeg, mng, pcx, pdf, png, ps, psd, svg, tiff, tga, xpm, and many others
    • Load, display, convert, save to many file formats
    • SVG path import/export
  • Much, much more!

convert between dds, tga, bmp, others.
Here's a handy program to allow you to easily convert to DDS (and other formats) easily.
The program supports DDS, TGA, JPG, BMP, PNG and PSD image formats (you can import and export to any of those formats). This newer version is indeed a huge step-up from the previous v1.2. It has a lot more features and is much more easier to use. It is also a lot faster than the earlier version.
The only thing that slightly bugged me a bit is that after converting a file, you either had to Close the program or Restart, which is a little weird but still not a huge hindrance to using the program (I'm really just a nitpicking here, ignore me stick out tongue).

You can even use this program for other games (or programs) that need DDS files (like recently released Doom3)!
Check the readme out for a little more insight into some options that come with the program. I'd say this is a definite download for anyone who needs to work with DDS files.

A special thanks to RedWoodTreeSprite or gathering all the programs in her

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