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Welcome to The Artist Pages by the viKING

I made this page for artists to gather and learn from eachother. It is also a lot of program/sites that should be avaible to learn everyone to model, texture or make music.

We also try to gather a many as possible free texture sources in one place + gather all free (and some unfree) model sites. I will also gather links to many free and unfree texture programs/modeling programs.

There is also a forum and a chatroom where people can gather and discuss/talk.

Currently I am working with a simple free collection of good textures from all of the sites.

If you wish to support the page in anyway, without joining in the forums, please post in our guestbook.
It could be anything from advirsing for a page or tell about a good page, to just saying our page is good or bad. Current wip to the page: texture collection - some of the best textures out there.

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